Giving after your lifetime means your gift will touch the lives of children who desperately need to know the love and grace of Jesus Christ. You will help make the children whole, so they can impact their communities in God-honoring ways.

Wills and trusts are two of the simplest ways to donate to Compassion. They offer significant flexibility because you can change your mind at any time.

Estate Planning Tools

Take advantage of our two, free estate planning tools when contemplating how to manage your estate:

  • GiftWise online will creation
  • If you’re ready to create or update a will now, you have access to an online platform where you can easily and affordably make a legally binding will in less than 20 minutes through our partnership with GiftWise. Create your will today.

  • Legacy of Hope Planning Guide
  • The Legacy of Hope planning guide is designed to help you make a lasting impact with basic assets, such as your home, life insurance and retirement accounts. It will help you release children from poverty AND reduce unnecessary taxes. Complete the form to receive the Legacy of Hope planning guide.


You can also use trusts to reduce taxes and, if you choose, provide ongoing payments to yourself or loved ones.

  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • This type of trust is designed to provide charities with current income from the trust in the form of interest and asset appreciation payouts. After a specified period (or at death), the balance of the trust is transferred back to your beneficiaries. This offers the current benefit of donations to charity and the reduction of taxable income for your beneficiaries.

  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • With this type of trust, you provide assets to the trust which pays an income to you or anyone you choose. You can designate payments for a period of time (or for your lifetime(s). When the last person receiving payments passes away, the remaining balance is donated to Compassion. You’ll receive income and save on taxes immediately, while helping children in the years to come. Learn more.

  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Gifting to Compassion through a revocable living trust lets you take care of the people and causes you love and then give in a variety of ways. You can give a designated amount or provide a percentage of your estate. Revocable living trusts are one of the simplest ways to donate to Compassion. Learn more.

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If you are working with your financial or legal advisor, view sample bequest language that can be used for your will or trust.

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