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Fourth largest of the earth's seven continents, South America is home to the majestic Andes mountain range and the mysterious Amazon River. The world's largest rain forest, with millions of species of exotic animals, is also found in South America.

There are more than 370 million people in South America's 12 countries, and as many as 80 percent of them live in the continent's urban centers. Although the 1990s saw improvements throughout South America, such as the replacement of several military dictatorial regimes by democratically elected governments, the continent's countries are still plagued by widespread human rights violations and poverty.

Compassion began working in Brazil and Ecuador in 1974 and we now serve more than 235,000 children in the five South American countries of:

Featured Stories from South America

Angel is ready to eat his lunch
Colombia Emergency Food Packs
Fighting Hunger and Providing Hope

Patricia carefully opens the food pack delivered by the kind man from her son’s Compassion center. The contents she holds in her hands are more than ingredients; they are reminders of God’s faithfulness. They are one simple way Compassion is fighting hunger one family at a time.

Isabela stands on a street
Brazil Highly Vulnerable Children
Isabela Has Lost a Lot. These Advocates Help Give Her Hope.

See how God has shaped Isabela into a beautiful new form — just like the butterflies she loves — using a global community of caring Christians.

Mycaella and her family sit in front of their home
Brazil Crisis
Compassion Volunteers, Pastor First on Scene During Devastating Flood

When the waters of River Itaperucu invaded the Trizidela community in northeastern Brazil, Compassion center volunteers were first at the scene. Mycaella and Alicia’s families saw their homes immersed in water — yet thanks to the center’s support, they were not left homeless.

Lizeth holds a sign that reads "I have a sponsor"
Ecuador Sponsorship
The Day Lizeth Learned She Was Sponsored

The day began just like any other for little Lizeth, but it would end as one her most memorable! It was the day one of her prayers would be answered. The day she would hear a few special words of hope.

Ecuador Easter
5 Quotes That Show These Kids Understand Easter

Enjoy reading about the meaning of Easter in the words of Compassion children from Ecuador.

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